Apply for your eTA for travel to Kenya

Update from immigration Kenya on ETA

  1. Evisas will be issued until 31st Dec 2023 and from 1st Jan 2024 the ETA will be issued. ALL travelers (except EAC citizens) must apply for the ETA – including those that were previously Visa exempt.
  2. All Evisas issued before 1st Jan 2024 will be valid for 90 days.
  3. The ETA does not require account registration by users. There will be a Mobile APP that allows one to scan their passport to automatically populate their ETA application – this will greatly minimize errors with names, dates etc. The ETA will also allow user input in multiple languages.
  4. The turnaround time will range from same-day approval to a maximum of 72 hours (three days).
  5. It is intended to introduce Premium or Express applications at a higher fee – to cater to urgent travelers.
  6. Whilst the ETA is a single entry authorization, the “Visitors Pass” will still be issued on arrival and allow for free re-entry from within East Africa.
  7. There is further clarification needed about the East Africa Tourist Visa as Kenya may not be in a position to issue this under the ETA. EATV issued by the other partner states will however be honoured.
  8. Immigration will create a 24HR Command Centre to address any emerging issues.
  9. Payment processing will be facilitated using several different cards – to enable smooth payments.
  10. There will be an official Notification issued through a NOTAM to effect the changes.

The ETA being a new system may experience a few issues at the beginning but the Immigration DG pledged to work closely with stakeholders to quickly address any issues as and when they may arise.

For more information, refer to the ETA site